Terrot Machines, Germany
Terrot Knitting Machine Terrot Knitting Machine
Terrot Knitting Machine
We have installed imported Terrot machines (13P 154,13P 254, 13P 372) in our Knitting units.
The special features of these machines are listed below.

Standard Fabrics such as fine rib, interlock and their modified stitch structures can be produced at a extremely low cost

For stitch structures like Milano-Rib, Punto di roma, Pique-Rodier the 13P 154/13P 254 in particular having a sufficient relaxing phase have proved to give outstanding performance

Conversion kits for special stitches such as "fine rib fleece" and "interlock fleece" is provided in 13P 154. These particular knit fabrics are characterized by their superior properties in elastic behaviour after the raising process.

Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

Circular Knitting Machines - Pattern Design, Preparation & Programming, Integrated Pattern Control, Unique Discomatic Disc Breaker.

Single Jersey - 4 Track Machine, 4 Colour Auto Stripes, Plush and Fleece.
15 Machines of CAMBER, UK & TERROT, Germany
Covering to knit all range - Single & Double Jersey, Yarn Dyed Stripers
Average Production Per Day 4500 Kg
Computerised Flat Knitting Machines
2 machines of KAUO - HENG, Taiwan
Model KH 323 DJ

Covering to knit Semi Jacquard, Birds Eye & all other possible structures

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